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Of Programming Your Subconscious Mind

A step-by step “over-the-shoulders” process to master the art of manifestation on a deeper level…


Manifestation Day 1 - The Power Of Letting Go And Giving Up Resistance

  • How some clusters of thoughts that come and go bring resistance in the process of manifestation (chances are that you’re not even aware of them).
  • How to get crystal clear on your thoughts using positive affirmations.
  • The power of letting go by practicing a simple but powerful technique.
  • How to program your subconscious, so it can automatically get rid of negative thoughts as soon as they arise in your mind.

Manifestation Day 2 - Setting Up Your Goals For Your Desires

  • Why only having the desire to become someone in life, is not enough (even if you work really hard).
  • Discover the #1 way to set your goals using a 4-step process (Hint: you won't be able to manifest quickly if you avoid this).
  • Why you should NEVER simply read your goals, but do this instead.
  • The key thing you must do in order to program your subconscious mind (Hint: It starts with a "R").

Manifestation Day 3 - Building An Abundance Mindset

  • Scarcity vs. abundance mindset: what keeps many of us from achieving our goals - and exactly what to do about it.
  • 3 secret ways to quickly shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset.

Manifestation Day 4 - Building An Abundance Mindset

  • Exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.
  • What most people are doing wrong when setting long-term goals (and why short-term goals must always come first).
  • If you feel that you may lose your momentum in the pursuit of the bigger picture, then try this simple but powerful trick.

Manifestation Day 5 - Start Manifesting Long Term Goals

  • Why you need these "3 P-s" to accomplish long term goals and avoid any difficulty down the road.
  • Why waiting for things actually makes you happy.
  • The only relationship you need to change in your life (this will have an amazing effect - guaranteed).
  • How to celebrate small wins to achieve big goals.
  • How focusing on the present can take control of your desired outcomes.

Manifestation Day 6 - Sealing It With Gratitude

  • The secret ways on how to use the power of gratitude in your manifestations.
  • The simplest way of practicing gratitude (Hint: it's something you can do every day for 5 minutes in the morning).
  • If you begin to do this set of actions on a daily basis, I guarantee you will start to reap the benefits of manifestation instantly.

Manifestation Day 7 - The 3 M’s Of Manifestation

  • How "3 m-s of manifestation" are literally the most powerful practices you can do to transform your lives.
  • The only philosophy you need to understand (this is strongly related to spirituality and how the "invisible" universe works).
  • Many manifestation books and articles skim over the details of this technique" - here's the full explanation.
  • 4 signs to look for in order to know if your manifestation is close (they are likely to appear, even if you aren’t looking for them).

Let Me Help You Figure Out Whether Or Not You’re A Good Fit For This Program

The last thing on earth I want, is for the wrong person to buy this.

So let me be clear – I only offer this program to a select group of people at a time who are ready to take action towards their dreams.

Since this program is so powerful, I'm not selling it to just anyone. I'm not a moron.

I won't hand a loaded gun to a kid nor will I sell this program to those with bad intentions, who want to create negative and destructive things to be attracted into someone else’s life…

And how do I know that you, specifically, are a good fit?

It’s because you are reading this page, at this very moment!

Let me guess:

  • You are a big fan of the law of attraction, and manifestation plays an important role in your life.
  • You really want to make your dreams come true, but the current methods of manifestation seem to take way to long, and you find it difficult to stay consistent.
  • You believe that most authors of books like “The Secret” left something out… just like every other “positive thinking” guru did.
  • You want something different, which you’ve never heard or seen before.
    Something that is easy to follow and will bring results quicker than ever before.
  • Most importantly you need someone. A teacher or mentor who will show you exactly how it’s done. Someone who is ready to team up with you so that you stay on track.

“7 Days Of Programming Your Subconscious Mind” will do exactly just that – it’s that kind of program that will get you moving quickly and effortlessly, even though you might have come to a standstill moment in your life.

I give you the techniques and strategies you’ll need to begin manifesting like a true master with the skills you already possess.

I’ve tried and tested this program many times before. I know it works.

In fact, within the next 7 days, you will implement these strategies and begin to attract the right people & the right circumstances to make your dreams a reality.

You’ll be surprised at how fast & how much you can manifest once you truly know how to do it, in a practical way (not just theoretically).

I’ve NEVER offered this before, but I’ve found that the video-course experience paired with the “secret principles” of the guide and the other bonus materials will take you to places way beyond your imagination.

So, today you have the most powerful decision in your hands, and I don’t want you to waste it.

Just imagine a life where you don’t worry about money and anything you want is only a leap away…

Need a new car? Need a vacation? A romantic trip to Paris…or maybe a trip with your kids and grandkids to Disney World? Looking to change your apartment?

Whatever your dream, the “7 Days Of Programming Your Subconscious Mind” is going to give you the abundance mindset and pretty much anything else you’ll need to attract all the money you want in less than 30 days.

Imagine for a second, how it would be like to have the power to turn all your desires into reality, without limitation.

No more struggles, limiting beliefs or money worries…

Sounds like a dream?

Actually it isn’t. Here’s the proof…

I am totally in love with this manifestation video program! It complements freedom manifestation mastery guide very well. The videos are quick and to the point where I can quickly establish what I need to manifest my desires. It is a little spendy, but if you’re trying to manifest being a millionaire what’s $67 lol! My friends and family now are asking me what is my secret…

-Charlene Adverson

This is one of the most powerful manifestation programs I had ever watched. Be careful with what you wish for because this sure as hell works. If you are still thinking if you also take up this video course, my answer to you will be yes, because you cannot buy back lost time!

-Charles Martin

This is just a small sample of people who probably don’t have the same experience as you do with manifestation, and yet have attracted all those great things. Amazing comments, wouldn't you agree?

Trust me, the “7 Days Of Programming Your Subconscious Mind” is all you need to tilt the odds of success in your favor.

It’s Like Having A Mentor Or Teacher Stand Over Your Shoulders And Advise You On EVERY Step You Take. That’s How Powerful It Is!

So allow me to be that mentor for you. No one gave me a helping hand when I started.

Therefore, I promised I'd make it easier on all those who came after me. This program lets me fulfill that promise.

And this is the program I would have walked 30 miles in the Sahara Desert for when I first started...

I spent a bare minimum of 100 hours on the creation, organization of this video course - by collecting all the essential knowledge I have gained throughout the years, from the trials and errors to the astounding successes.

There is absolutely no sane reason why you  want to waste years of your own life attempting to figure all the hidden strategies and techniques on your own.

Especially not when I’ve laid it all out for you. And the best part? Once you taste the power of this 7-day step-by-step program, you'll find it hard to go back to your old days…

This is why you must hurry! This is the first time I have offered this material to the general public.

And I'm not eager to get overwhelmed with responses - I will keep the special deal public for only as long as I can easily handle the responses.

I know how difficult it is to find real, honest, and expert advice like this.

If you aren't ready for what I offer, that’s fine - consider yourself lucky and feel free to leave this page.

I am not out to convert you to anything.

I am out to share the tried and tested solution that no one else has the guts to reveal.

Order this stuff today, right now, while it’s still hot in your mind.

And prepare to have your mind blown... and your entire world change forever.

It really is that powerful.

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